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For The Chef at Heart

For over 40 years, The Good Life has invited the community of Naples, FL into their kitchen for exciting classes that heighten your cooking skills.


Tired of your same, boring recipes? Stop by today and learn how we give you the knowledge to take your cooking skills to the next level. Classes are offered in a multitude of cuisines. Parties can accommodate up to 15 guests.

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Learn from the best in the business

Learning to cook is a skill that absolutely can change the face of your daily enjoyment. Spice up your life as we explore a variety of cultures and cuisines that will have you salivating!  Our Chef will walk you step by step through everything being prepared and then you get to enjoy the delicious creations with a complementary juice blend or glass of wine.


For your convenience, our classes are held right in our store. Take a chance and learn how to bring friends and family back to the dinner table with foods from all over the world.

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Knife sharpening

We sharpen all knives with 15 or 20-degree edges, American, European, Asian and most ceramic and serrated knives.

  • Weekly cooking class from 6:00-8:00pm

  • Curriculum: Asian, Hawaiian, Moroccan, Thai, Spanish, Indian, French,         Caribbean, Knife Skills, Gluten Free Cooking, and much more.

  • Private cooking party plans

  • 10-person minimum, 15-person maximum

  • Ideal for birthday party, business function, etc.

  • Theme Nights: Couples, singles, birthday parties, showers, etc.

Our classes include:

Private parties

In-store cooking classes, demonstrations and private parties are available.

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